Unlock The Secrets to Why Buying Other People's Problems Is The Fastest Way To Make Money
Want to discover the SAFEST, MOST EFFECTIVE way to BUILD and PROTECT your WEALTH? 

...Then you NEED to attend the INVEST SMART BOOTCAMP
Why Should I Attend The 'Invest Smart' Bootcamp?
The tag-line of this course is unlock the secrets to why buying problems is the fastest way to make money.

I've employed the strategies I'll be teaching you, throughout my career in Real Estate and Private Equity, to create a multi-seven figure Euro portfolio.

And before we continue, please allow me to make it very clear that my results are not typical.

We have probably never I am not going to make any claims that you will reproduce my results exactly.

What I am going to do, is show you what worked well for me, and it's my hope that you will be able to utilise the information I share with you in this bootcamp to achieve the results that you are personally looking for.

So if you're looking for one of those "get rich quick" schemes, unfortunately this isn't it. 

BUT if you're a "real person" who has some skill and the willingness to initially work hard to get what, this is for you.

A lot of people foolishly think that investing money is like rocket science: complex, difficult to understand and risky. 

Well, it’s not. 

With proper guidance, becoming a successful investor is simple, easy, and actually quite fun.

Here at Invest Smart Bootcamp, we believe in passive income 

...but we don't believe in passive learning. 

Our 3-day interactive training course provides you with the theory you need to be a smart investor, as well as exercises and training to put that theory into practice. 

So if you want to:
  •  Discover how to create money with no money
  •  Find out how to increase your wealth in every crisis and economic season
  •  Unearth why buying problems is the easiest and fastest way to make money
  •  Learn where and in what you should be investing your hard-earned money
  •  Leverage your investments to create multiple passive income streams
  •  Master the secrets that the ultra-rich use to pay as little tax as possible (legally)
  •  Understand why it's important to obtain a second, third or even fourth passport
  •  BONUS: Uncover the 24 Biggest Secrets in the Banking industry as told to me by the Director of the biggest bank in Europe
...Then you NEED to attend the Invest Smart Bootcamp in April.

See you there,
Noah Laith
By the end of Day 1, you'll have discovered...
  •  How to achieve the mindset of a successful investor 
  •  Why unlocking the rules of the financial game will set you free
  •  How to make money in corrections and bear markets
  •  The biggest danger of investing and how to avoid it 100% of the time
  •  That low-risk, high returns is not a myth and you can achieve it using this one simple but extremely powerful tool
By the end of Day 2, you'll have discovered...
  •  Why and how you must diversify your portfolio and make it crisis proof
  •  When, where and how to buy below-market-value assets
  •  How to find and construct opportunities that others cannot see
  •  How you, as an individual investor, can buy from institutions such as governments and banks
By the end of Day 3, you'll have discovered...
  •  How to find, raise and fund the capital you need for your projects
  •  How you will magnify your income by utilising your online and offline network 
  •  How you can achieve a life of secure assets and boundless freedom
  •  A simple and legitimate tax structure that the ultra-rich use and you can too
I'll be explaining the exact steps you need to take AND I'll also show you my own real life examples of these strategies in action so you can implement what you learn immediately, either alone or with me in my Inner Circle.

Introducing the 'Invest Smart Bootcamp' Founder and Your Speaker...
Noah Laith
Noah Laith is best known for his unequalled ability to source deals at below-market-value prices. 

Whilst his educational background lies in Artificial intelligence, Noah has been actively involved in Real Estate and Private Equity for the past 20 years. 

In this time, he has been the founding member of various investment companies in The Netherlands, UAE, Thailand, South Africa and Spain, where he is now Managing Partner of Riereta Equities.

Throughout his career, Noah has been subject to the trials and tribulations that so many investors experience. Through the 'Invest Smart' series, he aims to prevent others from making the same unnecessary mistakes, not only saving them time and money, but also mental and physical health. 

His expertise and wealth of experience make him the to-go expert and trusted advisor to a wide, influential and international client base.

On a more personal basis, Noah is a keen follower of the vegan lifestyle, and is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Arabic.
“In this bootcamp, you will learn everything you need to know about investing in order to obtain financial stability, certainty, and prosperity. You will discover how to maximise your financial wealth and more importantly you will learn how to protect your assets forever.”

-Noah Laith, Founder of Invest Smart Bootcamp

When And Where Is The Invest Smart Bootcamp?
Thursday 26th April - Saturday 28th April 2018
Barcelona, Spain 
(Specific Location is TBC)
Frequently Asked Questions
Who Is This Bootcamp For?
Anyone who wants to be a smarter investor, and has the means to do so, but doesn't know where to begin. 

No matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, if you want to take full control over your financial future, this bootcamp is for you.
Why Should I Learn About Investing?
Investing, when done correctly, can lead to a life of freedom. Freedom in your finances, freedom in your time, and freedom in your mobility. 

Imagine you're an Entrepreneur of a small but fast-growing Tech company. Typically, you're cash rich, but asset poor. And we all know what happens when you leave money sitting on the table for too long... 

Inflation starts to eat away and your money begins to depreciate in value. 

But if you invest that money in safe, secure and efficient opportunities, over time your money starts to appreciate in value and actually begins work for you instead of you working for your money.

And now instead of having all of your capital tied up in your business, you now have 3 other income streams that you know will continue flowing in no matter what.

Multiple streams of income, no more reliance on your main income source, and the knowledge that you can now work less in your business and more on your business because you have steady personal finances, can all be possible with a solid and safe investment strategy.
I Already Invest. How Can This Bootcamp Help Me?
We've all heard the story of someone who made millions in a lucky bet against the market, only to lose it all a few years down the line. 

We say that won't be us, we've been doing it for years and know not to gamble everything we own on anything less than 100% certainty. 

But are you still fearful of when the next crash will come? How do you feel when a correction happens? Nervous? Scared? On-edge?

If you feel these emotions then you need to attend this bootcamp, because no-one should feel fear crashes and corrections, and we'll show you exactly why.
What Happens After The Bootcamp?
After the bootcamp your knowledge of investments will have grown 10-fold and you will be ready to apply this knowledge to your own personal portfolio. 

Because of the way we've structured the course, you'll be able to take the information you learn and apply it in various different ways. Either by starting off your small portfolio, or by investing in some of the unique and exclusive opportunities I will share with you over these 3 days. 

You can continue your investing journey alone with your new-found knowledge and expertise, or with me as part of my Inner Circle. 
Over the 3 days, we’ll go through essential areas of knowledge in significant detail to ensure your full understanding. That means even if you’re a beginner, by the end of this powerful 3-day bootcamp you will feel confident to begin taking full control of (and protecting!) your 
financial freedom straight away.
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